I create pixels

Video editing and animation



B2B ad - Freelance work

Created by me


Created the ad from the begining to the end. Only got a voice and a text brief from the client.

Animation and editing in After Effects, Graphic Design in Photoshop.

Added in some 3D objects into After Effects to give the movie more depth.

10 sec ad - Puzzle moo (andriod)

Created by me.


Me and my brother made our own kids game. I have created all the artwork in the game, and also this 10 sec animation.


Efterlyst - Client Lillasyster/Saftig

A graphic update for one of the longest running tv-shows on Swedish television


I created the 3D glass shards in maya.

Lead CG: Jimmy Eriksson / Saftig

Personal work

A little christmas greeting.


Worked in Maya and After Effects to create this little christmas greeting.

Personal work



Personal work in Photoshop and After Effects. Some people think this is really funny. Most of them are swedes.