About Me

I create pixels

Reliable teamplayer and creative explorer


I combine marketing and animation with graphic design. I am a social and solid team player. I explore and optimize, and I solve problems.


5 reasons you should hire me

  • 6 years of in inhouse marketing experience.
  • A big skillset: 3D - Animation - Video Editing - Marketing.
  • I like to be creative and I'm always eager to learn new things.
  • Experience from a startup company - Skövdes first game company.
  • Freelance experience - a big life lesson.




Frequently asked questions


Not really, but I have taken a few classes in programming, making me the perfect choice for translating information between artists and programmers :)



Yes, happily married.



Why choose one when you can love both!



What people say about me

As a Graphic designer, you are reliable and experienced. All tasks that’s been given to you, easy or challenging, you have managed to deliver with excellence.

2017 12 19 Ebba Axling Design Production Lead @ King

There is simply no task too difficult for you. You have great attention to detail, work autonomously, fast and you set your own agenda. You also understand the needs of the organisation and prioritise effectively between your tasks. In addition to this, you mentor and encourage others in an excellent manner.

In a hectic environment, you provide stability and a caring ambiance. The importance of this cannot be emphasised enough.

2016 12 09 Ulrika Silfverstolpe - Campaign Manager @ King

You have like always a problem-solving attitude and are open and friendly which is highly appreciated around the team and our stakeholders.

2015 12 18 Frerik Östergren - Senior Director Brand Creative Studio @ King

Mikael produces appealing design with high quality, on time. He keeps it clean and in line with our games, with excellent layout. He works without prestige and is very positive when receiving feedback.

Mikael works in a very structured way and grasps changes in workflow quickly.

It’s hard to come up with something that Mikael should do differently in the Graphic Designer role as he is very skilled and produces graphics quickly without flaws.

2013 12 18 Kristin Adolfsson - Brand Creative Studio Art Director @ King

It was great working with you on the Candy Crush Facebook stickers.

You are very creative coming up with new and additional ideas for the stickers, thinking out of the box on various types of stickers.

You were very open to the team and FB's feedback and very flexible with the changing requirements. Finished stickers in a timely manner and in advance of deadlines.

2013-11-13 Olivia Yu - Senior Director Platform Partnerships & Business Operations


  • Always positive and easy to work with
  • Listened carefully to feedback and improved the work for each iteration
  • Last but not least, technically very skilled at his job. In short, outstanding job.

2013-11-07 - Marcus Lewold - Head of Studio @ King - Stockholm


Mikael creates exceptional graphics for the CRM team and every time I am presented with something I can instantly tell that it was made by him. Mikael took the Easter campaign and turned it into a feast for the eyes; it was creative, seasonally relevant and reflected the concept of the promotion. It looked utterly beautiful! Mikael has a very special style that works amazingly well with our products. He is also extremely helpful and open to ideas and make himself approachable to everyone. He is a valuable asset to the graphics team and I cannot wait to see the next campaign designed by him.

2013 06 05 Rosalind Schaub - Senior Studio Marketing Manager @ King


Great to work with even though we didn't have the benefit of meeting eye to eye. The loops and feedback rounds was top notch, Mikael always had parts to present on time for me to give feedback on and keeping my client involved in the process.

2012 05 16 - Petter Borg - Retoucher, VFX, Music Producer & CEO at Better Place Productions

No word of a lie, your work is impeccable. Every request I've ever made has exceeded my expectations and raised the bar higher in terms of quality. When a ticket is assigned to you, there's no doubt of worry in my mind that I'll receive an awesome graphic back.

2013 06 04 - Gareth Young - Global Social Media @ King

Mikael is a humble guy and a very skilled graphic artist. He was hired for a quite challenging motion graphics/compositing task which he managed very well. Mikael has a personality that is very hard not to like and his broad expertise within CGI and motion graphics makes him very desirable.

I wish him all luck.

2012 02 26 - Stefan Isaksson - Team Leader CGI Semcon